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«БЛЮЗ НА ГРАНИ ДЖАЗА!» [05 Nov 2009|01:01pm]


По многочисленным заявкам зрителей КЗ МИР продолжает серию уникальных и неповторимых концертов.
Следующий ДЖЕМ-СЕЙШН представляет фееричный магический симбиоз Блюза и Джаза в исполнении лучших музыкантов страны: Игорь Бутман (гитара, вокал), Леван Ломидзе и группа Blues Cousins, Петр Подгородецкий (клавиши, вокал), Дмитрий Малолетов (гитара). В таком составе эти музыканты еще никогда не играли.
Такое событие нельзя пропустить!Подробнее о концертеконцерт
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Another Bass Riff on the gooo!!! [07 Jul 2008|10:16pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I fell in love with the bass riff to Polyamorous by Breaking Benjamin so I decided to learn it yay. It's not going so badly although I could only find one tab and there's some notes missing from it so I'm having to work those out myself. But it's cool it gives me something to do.
And my version is lacking the funky slap bass part cause well, I can't play slap bass. Lol. I've heard it's pretty tricky to learn, but it still sounds ok without the slap part so it's not a major loss. When I feel confident enough to learn slap bass I'll put it in I'm sure.
Yay another riff! I should have more confidence damnit I'm not doing *that* badly =D

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HULLO [07 Jul 2008|10:56am]

Hi guys! I'm dissolve and i'm from Chicago. I've been playing bass for a few years, and I just started this blog on livejournal to post tabs to. I only have about 15 up right now, but I have a lot more to post ( Right now I have songs from: Elastica, Electric Six, Misfits, Sublime, Lords of Acid, and Mindless Self Indulgence) I like doing tabs because I love to challenge myself to figure out a song perfectly, note for note. If you check out any of my tabs let me know what you think, feedback is appreciated. :) Currently I play on a Schecter Stilletto Elite named Rosebud( that's it in my icon). My favorite bassists are Eric Wilson and Akiko Hamada. If you haven't heard of Akiko, check out Go!Go!7188. She's just such a kick ass and fun bass player. Yeah.. That's pretty much it :D
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.... [05 Jul 2008|05:31pm]

Hello… I’m Alistor Soul. I just started playing bass… seriously I’m only into my first month. I’ve played flute for three years, so music isn’t that foreign to me. I’m not very good at Bass, it would be a miracle if I was. I just got lessons as well, so I’m learning. I can’t play any songs other then “Hot Crust Buns” or simple ones like that. My bass is a four string SX although I just call him Betelgeuse. I love him so much. I think my flute, Cacilia, is jealous…. xD

Anyway… uh… suggestions and tips and stuff would be nice. No Tabs please… I don’t like them.
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Just joined. Tell me about strings! [06 Jun 2008|04:29pm]

Hey ladiez, I'm a new member. I've been playing bass for five years or so, although I'm not focused enough to be anything more than mediocre. I have a very crappy 4-string named Rubber Sled that I love to little pieces. Since I only play in my bedroom you can imagine I don't get to talk to a lot of other bass players, so I was really pleased to see that (a) there's a female-specific bass community on lj and (b) it's more active than most of the other bass communities.

So...how often do you replace your strings? Any recommendations on brands? Do you change them yourselves? I am ashamed to admit that RS has never had his strings changed - laziness on my part. I'm sick of my dying strings, though, so I'm looking for some advice on how I should replace them. Thanks much!
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x-posted [02 Jun 2008|07:27pm]

I have a music assessment for school coming up in a few weeks (ie, about 10 +  weeks) but I like being prepared.
I have to perform a song from a movie.
Obviously I want something a little bit tricky to play, especially since I have many weeks to learn it properly.
Any suggestions?
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The Colliders seek girl bassist - Melbourne [30 May 2008|11:26am]

Hi everyone. The Colliders, a fresh Melbourne Indie rock band with a female lead singer are looking for a talented bass player who's fun to be around and dedicated. Our fill-in bassist was a girl and she rocked out! We'd love another girl to replace her.

We're experienced musos looking to really make something of this outfit and we're looking for someone who feels the same way. We write our own material and there's definitely an opportunity for our new bassist to contribute to that process if they wish. We're hoping to take this all the way.

You don't need to be the best technical bass player that ever walked the earth, but you do need to have feel. Along side ability, we're really looking for someone who'll enjoy the journey.

We've got bookings lined up and a demo/EP in mixing/mastering as we speak.
To hear our rough edit visit The Colliders.
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Havnt posted here for a while, yay yay yay yay yay!!!! [21 May 2008|09:39pm]

Ok ok so I know I'm still being picky up learny lalala and theyre really simple but what the hell, I'm well happy.
I've been wanting to learn Van Nuys by Sixx AM for quite a while. Done! Add to that 2 Pixies songs [Where is my mind? and Gigantic] and I can play 3 songs all the way through. Not many but what the hell I'm proud anyway. Yaaaaaaay!
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[23 Apr 2008|07:46am]

Brooklyn-based band seeks BASS and RHYTHM GUITAR, male or female, 18-30, from Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens. Influences include Samhain/Danzig, Slayer, Type O, Celtic Frost, Ministry, Carcass, Mr. Bungle, The Exploited, Morbid Angel, the Dead Kennedys, and whatever else we happen to like. Notice those bands don't sound like each other...That kinda describes our sound.

Musically open-minded, dedicated, creative, fast learner, twisted sense of humor, w/own equipment and own style. NO MERCS, NO JUNKIES, NO TRAINWRECKS, NO DRAMA! Just someone who wants to make this their life, who doesn't care about genres or scenes or whatever, and just wants to make some dark, heavy, eerie, screwed-up music with some equally screwed-up people. Second album coming out, international fanbase, and unlimited potential.

Write somebodyelsesproblem668@gmail.com or leave a message at 917-291-0523.
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Introduction Post [25 Mar 2008|06:22pm]

Hello everyone. I just joined - just now, and just recently started playing bass. I'm all about sucking right now - I can only play parts of Dingbat by Screeching Weasel and a part from Patent Pending by Heavens. Both really simple, but still sound wrong coming from me. My husband is sort of teaching me, but he plays guitar, and I don't think he's that great of a teacher. I just kind of mess around with tabs I find online. Before I've played around with a keyboard, and learned some notes and chords and what certain symbols mean, but I've forgotten most of that. I really want to learn to play well, or well enough, because I'm not too interested in becoming a pro or anything. I mainly just want to have fun, but sound decent.

Any advice, suggestions, and pointers are welcome. I'm trying to practice everyday as of now. I just got the amp a few days ago, so up until now I haven't really done much. I'm really into pop-punk music, so that's basically what I'm going for. :D

I'm interested in knowing how others learned, and how long it took you to become proficient - or at least decent.

P.S. Any good online lessons?
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Whos your influences ? [09 Mar 2008|12:24am]

[ mood | creative ]

So what made you start playing bass ? 
Who or what's your insparation ?
Where you at a show and saw a really kick ass bass player, Or did you fall In love with a bass in a music shop ? 
share your stories !!



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Passive Pickup Advice Needed!!! [07 Mar 2008|12:38pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Ohkay, so yet again my active bass pickups, have been *beeps!* and let me down again. Theyre not working and it wont play through an amp as usual. I plan on replacing the active pickups [or rather getting my brother to because he knows how to and I dont] with passive ones but I dont know where to look to get a decent price on a decent set of 3 pickups.... Any ideas where to look ladies?! xxx

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A bass guitar love story.... [22 Feb 2008|07:06pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Ok,so as you lovely ladies know, and have been advising me on [thanks!] I've been after a new bass. I was in the guitar shop the other day, and I saw the guitar version of the Epiphone Thunderbird. I was talking to the guitar expert that works in there and even he said, as a few of you did also, that he wouldnt advise me getting the bass version because it would be far too huge. I'd seen a bass in there that really caught my eye [my brother had originally gone in to buy a guitar that hed wanted for ages]. I was staring longingly at this beautiful bass. So I decided to try it out, just for fun. It has the most amazing tone, easy to play, nowhere near as heavy as my other bass. Obviously heavy, but compared to the other pretty light. I fell in love with it. So I got more miffed off thinking, hell I'll never afford it, it'll be about £400 [it didnt have a price on]. Seemingly seeing me looking so saddened in the corner, the guy came over to me and said 'by the way, its £139'. Well hell that just sealed it I was like, 'MINE!!!' And he now is. The lovely guy even gave me a £30 padded bass case to take it home in for £15.
So ladies I present to you, Sixx. A Tanglewood Warrior 3. And the best bargain I've ever gotten.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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[19 Jan 2008|10:50pm]

hey, girls!
think it's hight time to introduce myself)
my name is Julia and I live in Russia.
I play bass-guitar for 2 years or smth like that (actually, I can't remember exactly)))
I've got two bass-guitars: Ibanez (4 strings) and Washburn (5 strings).
I play in group called Insamo(it's a latin word, which means madness or hysteria.

I've got one question (it isn't serious at all)): do you give any names to your bass-guitars???

ps: sorry for my bad and primitive English)))
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Bass tab help [16 Jan 2008|09:34pm]


Hiya - can anyone recommend some decent online bass tab resources??

I am really struggling to find some - happy to pay if they are decent download only tabs.

I found a couple of freebie tabs but they are awful!

Thanks in advance :-)


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Debating a Daisy Rock [14 Jan 2008|01:12pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Cause I was gonna get an Epiphone Blackbird/Thunderbird. But looking at the guitars in the music shop the other day and even theyre huge. So I'm guessing the bass is obviously gonna be bigger. Not really logical cause I'm only small.
I mean, my bass is kickass, apart from the frets being a little too high up which is irritating but I do like it its good. Only problem with it being if I wanted to eventually play bass on stage at any point its pretty heavy. Cause its solid wood and it has the battery pack in the back and whatnot. So I kinda wanna get a passive bass instead of an active one cause theyre lighter and you dont have the worry of the battery running out while youre on stage.
I tried Alicias Daisy Rock guitar and it was really nice. I mean, theyre designed for girls aswell so theyre pretty small cause obviously, not in all cases but generally girls are short in comparison to men. And I'm tiny lol. So the bass is quite small aswell, but the guitar was really nice to play and the bass seems the same. Plus I wanted a wierd shaped guitar and its heart shaped lol, whats more wierd than that?! [Other than the christmas tree shaped one I almost got lol.] And its PURPLE!!!
So yeah, I might save up and get one.... Why not? If I dont like it we have a second hand guitar shop here somewhere I'm sure they wouldnt object to a pretty much brand new bass right?

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[03 Jan 2008|05:36pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey everyone! I just joined this community today, and thought I should introduce myself. I'm 17, and I currently live in Richmond Hill, Georgia. I've been playing bass since I was 13 years old. I picked up guitar a year before that, but after I picked up the bass, I never looked at the guitar much afterwards. I have always loved playing the bass a bit more. But recently I've picked up an acoustic guitar that was sitting alone in the garage. But anyways. I guess I'm pretty good at the bass, but I went a few months without playing it, which sucked. Before I quit playing I was the best I had ever been. Now that I've picked up the bass and guitar back up together.

Anyways, I picked up the guitar when I was 12 out of pure curiosity. I picked up the bass after figuring it would be nice to start a band with a few friends, and we all picked an instrument to try and play for it. I'm so glad that I picked bass now. I friggin' absolutely love it so much.

But it is good to be well rounded. I love playing music. I've been in two bands since I was thirteen. And I've been looking around for anyone that has a band around here, or even wants to start one up with me. But really it seems all in vain at the moment. My big dream is to play in a band that makes albums and tours, and stuff like that. It's really the only thing that I'm passionate about.

Hopefully I can find a band soon that is full of people with the same dreams as mine. To be honest, I'm hoping it's soon because I'd rather be in a band then go to college right now.

But anyways, I do have a question on some of your opinions. To those who have experience with have more experience in the gear of bass guitars then I do. I'm absolutely stupid about them. Anyways. I was wondering if hollow body guitars are actually any good? I absolutely love the sound of hollow body guitars, and was wondering if their sound is anything like them? I've been thinking about investing in another electric bass guitar, and was thinking about getting a hollow body. Also, what are really good basses for a more rock and roll sound? Along with good amps? AND, last questions. Do basses and pedals mix? I'm not sure if many people who play bass use pedals as much as guitarists do. I don't know if I ever heard or seen anyone use one actually.

Thank you! Glad to have found a place like this. :]

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Ok Sorry I know I just posted but... [03 Jan 2008|08:30pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Is anyone here from Leeds in the UK also and interested in starting a band? I cant seem to find any musicians here. Nothing serious, just an amateur jam that may turn into something eventually. Bit of fun.
Influences include, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil.

Send a message if youre interested! Thanks x

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Hey! I'm Amy!! [03 Jan 2008|08:00pm]

[ mood | calm ]

20 years old from good old rainy Leeds in the UK.
I've been playing bass for about 2 years now but I'm not too great. Need to practice more!
I have a woodfinish Vintage bass and a black custom made bass that I bought for £40 from the woman that made it [pretty good bargain i think!] I reeeeally want an Epiphone Blackbird though.....

Mwah! Nice to see some more bass ladies!

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